Why Should You Teach Kids Responsibility & How to do so?

Wonder why should your kids be taught responsibility even at an early age? Well, not only it enhances the self-belief of your kid, but his problem solving skills are improved as well. Not to mention that the kids start thinking independently at a very early age and it makes your family routine easier to manage. However, as you see your kids taking up new responsibilities, never leave them alone. Whereas, he should try doing things at his own, he should never feel being ignored. If it happens, your parenting and family life is bound to suffer.

Mastery Goals

When a kid is being educated about responsibility, mastery goals are important. These help the kid to learn things properly and understand the effort behind doing a thing properly. Gradually, the kid will also start understanding that what is required to improve his skills. Thus, with time, the kid will be able to concentrate on tasks. At the same time, the critical thinking skills and hand-eye co-ordination is enhanced.

How to prepare the environment?

It’s imperative if you want to see your kid succeed. This is something where adult supervision is must and you should plan on creating the environment the night before for a proper execution. For an example, suppose, you want your kid to learn washing hands by himself, but he is not tall enough to reach the tap. Preparing a tool beside the basin is how you prepare the environment in this case. If the kid is intelligent enough, he will use the tool himself. If he doesn’t understand the significance of a tool standing there, try to give him hints. He will eventually understand the usage and remember it in future.

For a 3 year old kid

This is an age when your kid will like to do something meaningful and this is when he should be easily fostered into some responsible. At this age, your kid should be able to wake up all by himself (An alarm clock will definitely help) and also dress up properly (a little help with buttoning and zipping may be required, also tie the shoes yourself).

Encouraging independence in your kid

With time, as the kid grows, you should encourage him to understand other tasks as well. Start with his clothes. Ask him to fold the pajamas himself and prepare the dress that he is going to wear next day at night. Make him learn that how the dirty clothes should be put in the hamper. Also, help him to identify a pair of matching socks.

Next, the kid should be asked to help sort laundry. Make him bathe himself (Your supervision is advised). Don’t help him with brushing his teeth, ask him to prepare his toast himself using butter & salt (Make sure your kid doesn’t cut his hands while applying the butter). After some time, you can ask your kid to help in washing car or making instant pudding or maybe arranging the table. The last few are some tasks that help the kid a lot to build self-confidence. He grows watching his parents doing these rather tough tasks and when you ask him to be a part of those tasks, he starts understanding his importance in the family.

In the entire responsibility teaching period, try not to scold your kid. Even if you think it’s important, do so without hurting your kids’ feelings. He is meant to understand things, not perfect them. Award him with gifts when he accomplishes certain tasks, praise him when you think he deserves it – all these will help your kid to grow into a self-independent and responsible person.


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